Payment Information


All payments must be made in pounds stirling (£)


You can pay by Paypal in the same way as you pay by credit or debit cards
Paypal is accepted in thousands of shops and websites so if you want to open a Paypal account you can do so by clicking on Paypal

Credit or Debit cards

You can pay by any debit or credit card including Visa, MasterCard & American Express
The initial process will be done by Paypal then passed to your card company
You don't need a Paypal account for this and you won't even notice the Paypal involvement
There are no card charges whatsoever for paying on this website although you may be charged by your card company if you don't have sufficient funds available


On the very rare occasion that payment is made by cheque a 30 minute round trip to the bank is involved. For this reason we DO NOT accept cheque payments
Please save yourself an envelope and a stamp and pay through any bank. Details of this easy and free service are shown below

Postal Orders NOT ACCEPTED

Blank postal orders are unsafe if they get lost and a named one involves paying in at the bank so so they are not accepted
Paying by postal order is a VERY expensive method for you to pay as the post office will charge you at least 10% of the value of the postal order
This link will explain Royal Mail's postal order charges

A free way around postal orders -
A much easier and free way to pay if you don't have a bank account is by bank transfer
You don't need a bank account to make a payment through the bank
For details of how to pay this way please read the next section

The free & simple way to pay cash through the bank

You'll need the name of the account holder who you are paying, their bank account number and the branch sort code
Take the cash to any bank in the UK and pick up a pay-in slip
In the cash section enter the amount that you're paying
In the "Payee" section enter the name of the person you are paying, their account number & branch sort code
Hand the slip & the cash to the bank cashier who will stamp the slip and hand you a receipt
If you have any problems with the above just speak to the cashier as they're always happy to help
Email the person you are paying to let them know that payment has been made
Depending on the bank it will take 15 minutes - 3 working days for the funds to be transferred

This is much cheaper than paying the post office £33.00 for a £30.00 postal order and you don't even need a stamp or envelope

Bank Transfer

If you wish to pay by bank transfer or pay cash into our account you'll receive our bank details once you've gone through the checkout

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